OSTheme Twitter Widget


OSTheme Twitter Widget

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* All the feeds in one module, all the features you can wish for. Featuring the new Twitter API (version 1.1).
* You can configure the built in follow me option for any username you choose. Fully compatible with the latest Twitter API and guaranteed to work, even with the forthcoming Twitter changes! We also have a great, free support system on our website.
* It's the most compact way to show a twitter feed on your website.
* Module position should choose an absolute module position of your template like "debug" or "absolute" for theme: popup.
* You can place it on right or left screen of your desktop sidebar.
* You can use module OSTheme Twitter Widget and OSTheme Google Plus

Available for Joomla 2.5


* Module Suffix: This will add a class on your module codes.
* Load jQuery: Most of template or other extensions on your site can already load jQuery on your site.
* Theme: Can choose default or popup theme. You can see demo theme Default in top page and theme Popup in right page
Positon and Margin top only effect width theme Popup.
* Position: You can choose either right or left – if right the module will place to right sidebar – if left than module will place to left sidebar.
* Margin Top: Integer value in px. That will create a margin from absolute top (left or right) position.
* Widget Id: For this you have to create a twitter widget from below link:
https://twitter.com/settings/widgets. Click "Create New"

Fill the Username field and click save changes - Follow the image above – copy your widget id and put it to the field.
* Width & Height: Integer value in px.
* Theme Widget: Can choose light or dark theme from Twitter API.
* Link Color & Border Color: Choose your prefer color using color picker.
* Border & Scrollbar: Show for Yes – Hide for No.
That’s it. Once you are done with all setting click save and see the changes on your site.
If found any difficulties you can just ping us on the forum and we will try our best to help you out.

Screenshot of module setting: